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What’s Better: Modeling, Profiling or Segmentation?

Rick Berman, Apr 10, 2015

At the end of the day, by leveraging modeling, you are able to make your marketing dollars work harder for you. Modeling allows marketers to allocate marketing dollars to the AEP prospects most likely to respond and eliminate contacting those less likely to respond...

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A Medicare Mixing Bowl: Profiling, Segmentation and Modeling for Medicare Marketers

Rick Berman, Apr 09, 2015

Three methodologies are crucial to data driven Medicare marketing, but are often confused with each other. Here is a concise way to think of them:

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Three Statisticians, a Rabbit and Medicare Marketing

Rick Berman, Apr 08, 2015

I’m not a statistician or data analyst, but here’s my take on some clear “layman” explanations and best practices from a business perspective of how data analytics, segmentation and modeling can help you achieve a greater ROI for your Medicare marketing programs...

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News on USPS Mailing Rates for 2015

Eddie Woods, Mar 23, 2015

As you may know, the US Postal Service has proposed new rates for 2015. Behind the scenes, many of the original plans have since shifted. Here is a high level overview of what’s been going on in the USPS, and how it impacts your bottom line...

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