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Postage Prices for 2015 - 2016 Update

Eddie Woods, Jul 31, 2015

Read the latest update on postage rate increases...

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Irresistible Direct Mail – Data, Digital and Direct!

Matt Haskell, Jul 14, 2015

Mobile technology and direct mail can work in tandem to make your message MUCH greater than the sum of its parts. Today, I'm sharing some examples of how print technology can really make an impact.

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Irresistible Direct Mail – Combining Digital with Direct and More!

Matt Haskell, Jul 13, 2015

My colleague returned from the National Postal Forum with a catalog of some of the cooler options mailers have in integrating unique print and technology alongside what works – targeted, direct marketing...

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This is your Brain on Digital… This is your Brain on Direct Mail!

Craig Blake, Jun 12, 2015

Which leaves a more lasting impression, direct mail or digital? The answer might surprise you!...

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