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Cutting Through the Clutter of Disruption

Steve Streibel, Aug 04, 2014

We live in an era of disruption, which is not news to any of us. The Internet and new technologies have left entire industries leveled, or more accurately “redefined” in their wake. It seems as if something better, more efficient, more engaging, or exciting is announced with great fanfare virtually every day...

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Customer Data Hygiene: An Unsung Hero of Marketing ROI?

Chris Hamlin, Jul 29, 2014

Given that the health and accuracy of customer databases is so critical to the success of our marketing and sales efforts, then why do so many companies allow them to become out of date and inaccurate? Surprisingly, sound data management and data hygiene practices are often the most overlooked components to a successful B2C customer marketing program. Sure, it’s not sexy, but read on to learn why it’s essential and what you can do to insure that your customer and prospect data is as good as it can be.

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Five Tips "Weird Al" Taught Us About Content and Social Media Marketing

Matt Haskell, Jul 24, 2014

"Weird Al" Yankovic scored his first #1 album in his 30-year career this week. How did a song-spoofing middle-aged nerd (sorry, Al) launch to the top of the Billboard charts?

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Explaining Direct Marketing to my Eleven Year-Old and Tips you Might be Missing

Matt Haskell, Jul 21, 2014

The other day I was walking around with my son, who is eleven if you didn’t catch that from the title, and he asked me the simple question “What do you do all day at work?” Granted he’s accompanied me to work, but he was a little too caught up tracing pictures of Pokémon to pay much attention to my day-to-day. So as I started to explain to him the logic around direct marketing, I realized how many companies are missing these simple truisms of effective marketing...

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