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Does your attribution method make sense?

Rich Pocock, Oct 24, 2014

With online and offline communications, the integration of digital and traditional mediums, the attribution lines have once again blurred. After all, just because I know that a customer received my direct mail piece and bought that new product does not necessarily mean that she did it as a result of receiving my offer through the mail. She could have found me through an Internet search or seen my ad on TV or noticed my Free Standing Insert in the Sunday paper. I mean, really, as the advertiser, how am I supposed to know what prompted the sale?!?

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Proposed 2015 USPS Promotions Calendar

Rich Cicha, Oct 10, 2014

Although it is yet to be finalized, the USPS has rolled out a proposed promotions calendar for 2015...

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2015 Postage Rates News - What to expect

Eddie Woods, Postal Liaison, SourceLink, Oct 01, 2014

What will postal prices be in 2015

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All the Cool Kids are Doing it. Statements that is

Valerie Metzker, Sep 22, 2014

I’m a big fan of “if it’s not broken, don’t fix it.” But sometimes doing the same thing as a force of habit is short sighted. Take your statements, for example. They do their thing each month. There are no issues. They are moving in the background, no attention needed. Awesome. One less thing to focus on. But, if you are still producing the old black and white, courier typewriter font with no real marketing messaging, you need to re-focus. Here’s why...

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