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Ten Trends That Will Define Marketing in 2016

Matt Haskell, Nov 24, 2015

As part of our yearly series, “Ten Trends to Define Marketing,” we have invited three SourceLink guest authors from different areas of expertise to weigh in on what they see as the emerging trends in marketing approaches and technology to expect in 2016...

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Marketing Trends for 2016 - Trend 5: Content-Rich Experiences

Cindy Miller, Director of Business Development, Nov 24, 2015

Content sells the product as much as look, fit, and feel. Savvy marketers are using multimedia content to make the shopping experience more engaging. Shoppers want to be entertained and informed as they browse the web (or store) and make purchase decisions...

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Marketing Trends for 2016 - Trend 4: Location-Based Marketing Gains Sophistication and Wearables Push this Trend

Matt Haskell, Corporate Marketing Manager, Nov 19, 2015

Adobe’s CMO predicts that wearables will be on 1 in 4 Americans by the end of 2016. This trend makes sense especially for retailers, who can offer real-time “cart abandonment” incentives and reminders while in stores. Also, the more that seamless payment catches on with wearables, the more opportunity for loyalty cards and other database-driven marketing has to take off...

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Marketing Trends for 2016 - Trend 3: One-to-One Engagement Becomes a Reality for Small to Medium-Sized Businesses

Cindy Miller, Director of Business Development, Nov 17, 2015

Customers increasingly are interacting with brands across channels – from store to web and across social and mobile platforms. In 2014, this became the social shopping norm. Shoppers are buying online, picking up in store, or buying online and demanding free shipping to home. Alternately, they are shopping in store, and then ordering customized sizes, shapes and colors for delivery to home, and the list of permutations will continue to evolve...

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