Across almost every industry, there is a major push to drive the consumer to electronic communication channels.  Rising postage costs have no doubt been a major driving factor for this shift.  Regardless of the reason for the focus on electronic communications, it’s very interesting that so many organizations invest tremendous time and resources on the E-Presentment solution and its capabilities, but then invest very little time thinking about how they will ultimately drive their customers, members or constituents to the channel.

The adage, “If you build it, they will come” is certainly not true in this instance.  Understanding channel preference is a very complex matrix. Building an electronic delivery solution that no one uses, however, is a nightmare.

Top organizations understand that the foundation of any successful e-delivery system is a proper segmentation plan for the customer base (end users/subscribers).  You can have the best e-delivery system on the planet, but you have to understand how to promote it to your customers, which customers to promote it to, and how your customers intend to use the system. It will be a very costly venture (both in your time and in dealing with unsatisfied customers).

Inside this data lies some very interesting and telling information. Information that will ultimately make your efforts a huge success. Forrester Research indicates that up to 50% of your customers/subscribers will never make the conversion to electronic delivery. And the reason your customers may ultimately decide to subscribe to e-delivery is not the same for each customer (No, they’re not all converting to save a stamp, or because they hate physical mail). The insight behind this data can ultimately be the difference between a success and failure in your implementation.

Before committing to an e-delivery solution, ask your vendor if they will simply provide you with an e-delivery solution; or if they will be your partner – and help drive conversions to the solution.