“Birds of a feather flock together”: That’s an old saying, but as true today as ever.  Most of us have friends who have common interests, often in the same life stage and are buying things at the same time.  How often have you told a friend that you just signed up for a new service,bought a new item or went to a great event and then they do the same thing a short time later? Coincidence, maybe, but most likely you planted that idea in their minds when you shared the positive experience with them. 

As marketers we’d like to think our databases can target every new customer at just the right time, with just the right offer.  Maybe some day that will happen, but often sharing via social networks finds these new customers.  Social media tools have made flocking together easier than ever, even though the physical distance between friends maybe greater than ever. The next time you share that new offer or purchase with your social network, count how many flock to the same thing.