Study after study…expert after expert…emphasizes the importance of marketing being customer-centric in this Age of the Customer.  Marketers are listening as evidenced in the many slogans that say, “We care.” But consistently creating and executing customer-centric marketing is much more than a slogan or tag line. At its core, customer-centric marketing is grounded in a marketing strategy fed by rich customer/prospect data insights and served up 24/7 across all channels and media. 

Here’s my 6-step roadmap to customer-centric marketing from A to G:

A = Accept that it’s the Age of the Customer and build your marketing strategy around your customers and prospects that look like them.

B = Big Data, little data.  Be persistent and aggressive about customer and prospect data – both traditional data and Big Data. Your objective is to get as much actionable data as possible into your marketing database for customer intelligence insights and performance metrics.

C = Conversations. As marketers, we’ve been talking a long time about one-to-one marketing, now the combination of data supports getting personal and being more relevant. But being relevant is not a replacement for consistency. Remember customer-centric marketing is a conversation across channels that demands consistent messaging and listening! Listen to what social has to say. Respect the “interruptions” and seize the opportunities to extend the conversation.

D= Dig and mine your data. Customer-centric marketing demands rich data:  
[1] To define marketing success metrics. [2] For modeling to refine targeting. [3] To mine nuggets into relevancy and personalization. [4] To surface insights for testing and to set yourself apart from your competitors.

E= Engage, engage, engage. Today’s marketing must be involving. It’s not enough to capture attention, you’ve got to get the customer/prospect engaged. One of the strongest methods of engagement is direct mail with a QR code or PURL that moves the customer/prospect to one or more of their four screens. Cross-channel marketing is essential to engagement.

F= Follow the money. Customer-centric marketing demands that you measure everything that you can to support testing and learning for continued improved marketing ROI. And remember to celebrate the broader value of customer-centric marketing for your organization including improved customer experience and brand loyalists.

In summary, I’d like to say that these are 6 easy steps but often the biggest culprit to success is not desire or commitment – it’s time. Often the best road to customer-centric marketing is engaging a marketing service provider like SourceLink to conduct a “roadmap” engagement. We facilitate, collaborate and help you build your customer-centric marketing strategy grounded in rich data insights with clearly defined success metrics.