As a Louisiana native, I love to cook Creole dishes like jambalaya. So what does jambalaya have to do with marketing databases?

Jambalaya is a cultural variation of a rice-based dish. In Italy, it’s risotto. In Spain, it’s paella. The base cooking technique across cultures is the same. So it is with a marketing database.

After all, a marketing database is simply an organized central repository of data – it’s just a rice-based dish of the data for a unique organization. Any marketing services provider worth their salt will adhere to industry best practices and respected data warehouse build techniques. So maybe the recipe of a “rice-based” central repository of data with a shortened database build cycle at an enticing price fits the bill.

Or does it?

Is your organization really like everyone else? Is there nothing unique about the way you run your business? Market it? Measure your marketing success to earn your bonus? Or like a great jambalaya, does your organization, does your organization have special ingredients based on your culture?

If a next generation marketing database build time and investment sound too good to be true, it probably is just a “rice-based” repository. If you’re hungry for something a little spicier like jambalaya, choose a recipe – a marketing database – based on your unique business requirements with a believable build timeline and investment. Avoid the “rice-based” approach that inevitably leads to a frustrating barrage of change orders – costing you time and money – to get the essential ingredients for your successful marketing database.

Is simply a “rice-based” marketing database enough? Or do you need some special ingredients to satisfy your next generation marketing database appetite?