Could you live in a world without power?  You heard me correctly, no power! This means the little device that is attached to your hand would be nothing more than a paper weight. No longer would you have the ability to text, tweet, post, share, download, surf, skim or watch. Yikes!

Last week, NBC premiered Revolution, the new show from the brilliant director, J.J. Abrams. Yes, the same mastermind who controlled us with the ever-popular series. Lost and successfully rebooted the sacred cow of all franchises, Star Trek.

Through the eyes of the Revolution cast, we are presented with a world 15 years post blackout.  I mean total blackout.  Did you see the premier?  If not you can watch it here.

So imagine this for a moment:  Wherever you are right now, anything and everything electronic does not work.  In my house, the only items that would still work are my Great Aunt’s pendulum mantel clock and my self-winding wristwatch.  In this new world, everything that required electricity stopped forever.  It was as if you were jettisoned back to colonial times.  The time before on-demand video, smart phones… heck, phones in general.  There was no power and marketing was… well let’s just say it was different.

Now image this happened for real and you are part of this world. A world without power but you had knowledge of how the world was before.  What marketing was like and frankly how complicated things have gotten. 

But you have the opportunity start fresh, develop relationships and communications from the ground up. Redefine the customer experience. If given this opportunity, what would you do? How would you approach it? How would you involve or not involve the customer? It’s not a bad fantasy to explore, now is it? As you start to fantasize, you realize just how complicated the world is right now as we live in this plugged-in generation. 

If this was my fantasy (and since I’m writing this post, it kind of is), here is what I would do. 

  • I would embrace the customer to help drive product and service offerings to ensure they are relevant.  I would not release a new product just to make a buck (iPhone 5 for example, is it really that different, did they listen to their customers?).
  • I would allow my customers be my brand ambassadors.
  • Lastly I would make sure that, no matter how fast technology took off and evolved, I would always look back to the basics. 

I’m sure we all agree that we live in a crazy time and by no means would I ever wish for a total blackout, as depicted in Revolution. That would be off the wall crazy. However, as marketers we need to be relevant in everything we do.  We cannot waste our customer’s time, and as we have seen from companies like Comcast, we cannot ignore our customers. It’s almost like we need to think that a total blackout may occur and how will we be creative, imaginative, resourceful and meaningful in our customer touch points. 

Very rarely I use my posts as a platform for promotion; however, today I am breaking that rule.  To get an overview of this plugged in generation and hear what thought leaders such as our own Cindy Randazzo and Forrester Research’s Dave Frankland have to say on how to take advantage of this changing time, please join us on October 3rd.  I guarantee they will help you gain important insights that will help shape your marketing plans for 2013 and you never know… it my just prevent a global blackout!