This morning while reviewing top stories posted by my LinkedIn network, I saw a video posted for a new brand of Vodka, Zombie Apocalypse Vodka.  Oh yes, you read it correctly: Zombie Vodka.  There is such a thing! 

Over the past few years, with the popularity of vodka, we have seen our fair share of new brands that target different segments of the market. But this one made me pause.  Zombies?  Really?

At first I thought this was a joke for the upcoming Halloween holiday.  But no, in fact Zombie Vodka is bottled in New York State, apparently at an old graveyard, by Braided Oaks Spirits.  Launched just last week in time for Halloween.

So I took to Google to conduct my own research to see how popular Zombies really are.  I think of myself being up on my pop culture.  But maybe I missed this one... Apparently I did.

Here is what I found out…

  •  “The Walking Dead” on AMC, yes the same channel that brings you “Mad Men”, is a show about Zombies and get this…it is the most watched drama in basic cable history. The show is based on a best-selling set of graphic novels of the same name.
  • A Guinness World record was set in 2010 by having the largest gathering of Zombies in one area at the New Jersey Zombie Walk.  Oh by the way, Zombie walks happen all over the US, if you interested in participating in one.
  • There are listings of the top 50 Zombie movies.
  • Numerous cities host Zombie Pub Crawls.  Hummm sounds fun!?
  • There is even a Zombie Research Society where you can learn about basics of Zombie brain function among other things.
  • Our hip, young Social Media Marketing Manager wrote a blog on this very site about “zombies and social media” in March of this year!

After I spent an hour or so on Google, it hit me: the maker of this new spirit did their homework and leveraged one of the basic principles of marketing – Research.  There is a market out there of Zombie lovers and with the growing viewership of a hit TV show, they may just be onto something.  Like the rise of Vampire and Werewolf branded products from hits like True Blood and Twilight, I guess there is room for a Zombie branded vodka.  At minimum, they will catch the attention of consumers during Halloween Costume Party Season.  But from the minimal research I conducted, my guess is it may be more than a fad.  Not sure how the Vodka tastes, but at least the branding appears to be on target!