This is an archived post. The USPS has since discontinued the plan to end Saturday delivery.

Yesterday, the USPS made the big announcement that they are moving ahead with five day delivery. They basically said that they will no longer deliver regular mail to your home on Saturdays starting in August of this year.  They will, however, continue to deliver mail to PO Boxes six days a week and Package delivery will also remain at six days.  Now that we have heard this plan what does it all really mean? 

With one less day for delivery, daily volume should increase at each household. 

This means the competition to win consumers will also increase.  Instead of flipping through 3-4 pieces of mail each day the number will increase to 4-5.  Creative mail pieces catch the eye of the buyers and the longer they look at your piece the more likely they are to open it. In addition to your mail piece, coordination of communication channels becomes absolutely necessary. Converging mail, social, mobile and email becomes a real opportunity to set yourself apart from the rest of the mail in the mailbox.

You should also rethink your timing or preference of when you want your piece delivered. 

Whether Monday delivery will notice the largest increase in volume is still to be determined, but it seems like a logical scenario.  After all, bulk mail will still be processed every day; it just won’t be delivered six days a week. If you try to target delivery on a specific day of the week, maybe Friday for example, you will have to watch your mailings a little closer.  Your typical bell curve delivery pattern will change; you will start to see it drag out over the weekend. This should be important to you if you are announcing a sale or promotion. With the disappearance of Saturday delivery, you absolutely need to know when your piece is getting in the hands of consumers.  (You will need IMbTracing® orMultiTrac® if you want to get this valuable information.)

Time will tell the true impact of the five-day change, but you don’t have the time to wait, you have a business to take care of. You need to take control of your campaigns and not worry about what the USPS is going to do. The Post Office will do their thing, you do yours. Get creative in your next campaign, try something new! Target the right audience and personalize the piece to them. Use the latest technology and Customer Intelligence to find the people that want to hear from you. Know when and how you have to hit your audience and make it happen.  Get excited over your next campaign and your clients will be excited too.