New Postal Rates will possibly go into effects as soon as April 26, 2015. Stamp prices will still be .49 per letter, and .98 per flat, but the cost of additional ounces will increase by a penny, as well as the postcard rate from .34 to .35. The increases are still considered "proposed" for the following reasons:
1)      There are still two lawsuits over last year’s pricing that the courts have yet to decide on,  and
2)      Only the Board of Governors is supposed to submit price increases to the Postal Regulatory Commission, and Congress has yet to act on the five nominated new Board Members, so there are only four current Board Members and not a quorum.  The remaining four members have created a ‘USPS Temporary Emergency Committee’ to handle Postal Business, but that could be deemed illegal & cause the rate increase to be thrown out.

See the new proposed rate chart below: