The USPS has approved the proposed price changes that were posed in April by Postal Regulatory Commission. The new rates will go into effect on May 31, 2015. Although the price of a stamp WILL NOT increase, most other forms of mail will increase by roughly 2%, including:

• A jump of $0.01 for postcards, additional ounces of First-Class Mail, 
• A $0.05 jump for international First Class letters and Registered Mail letters, and
• A jump in several classes of certified mail

It is worth noting that many of the software vendors may be scrambling to update their programs, since there are only three weeks until the new rates are implemented. Mail Service Providers will then be able to apply the rates to mailings starting June 1. The new rate sheets are shown below:

2015 USPS postage rates approved 1
2015 usps postage rates approved page 2