Marketers and Government: A Marriage Made In Heaven?

Evan Childs, Jul 22, 2011

With government strapped for cash these days, I wonder if it’s time to take advantage of one of its greatest assets: high open rates of direct mail communications.  Most marketers would jump at an opportunity to partner up with a mailer who touts a 90% open rate of its direct mail communications.  Government mails all sorts of things such as municipal water and sewer bills, vehicle registration renewal notices, property tax bills, etc.

 What’s the harm in seeing an occasional advertisement for a relevant product on your water bill (such as a free home inspection for your water heater, or a percentage off of a new water heater from a local contractor)?  How about an auto insurance promotion in (or on) your vehicle registration renewal notice? Or a 50%-off coupon for a radar detector inside a speeding ticket (I’m kidding… I think)!

The advertising revenue generated by the government could offset the cost of production and/or postage for these mailings. Sounds like a win to me. Send me your thoughts and comments on the topic.