Do you ever question what the Post Office means by Full-Service, eDoc, Automation Rates, or some of the many acronyms the Post Office uses, such as NDC, SCF, CASS, NCOA or UAA?

If you do any mail through the USPS, you have probably heard these terms talked about.  The PMG (Postmaster General) just sent out a letter confirming that for a mailer to receive automation discounts after January 26, 2014, you mailing will need to be Full-Service. 

What does it mean?

1)   Use a unique Intelligent Mail Barcode – you may already know that the POSTNET barcode, that has been used for many years, was retired last January

2)   Use unique Tray Tags

3)   Use unique Pallet Placards

4)   Submit your paperwork electronically(eDoc)

And then you have to be approved by the USPS to mail Full-Service in order to get the best postage rates available.

Why are they doing this?

The USPS wants to be able to ‘track’ every piece of mail with near real-time data on your mail & packages from origin to final delivery.

If you do mail yourself, you will probably need presorting software to help you create 1-4, above. 

If you’d like more information on presort software, or if you don’t want to deal with it, contact SourceLink.

What are some common terms to look out for?

NDC – Network Distribution Center (formerly BMC or Bulk Mail Center).  Mail is sorted here to the SCFs.

SCF – Sectional Center Facility – many times it is the 1st 3 digits of the ZIP Code (29601).  It is where the final sort for the Carriers is now preformed before going to the DDU (Destination Delivery Unit) or local Post Office.

CASS – Coding Accuracy Support System – Postal Software that standardizes addresses & adds on ZIP+4 & a few other acronyms.

NCOA – National Change Of Address

UAA – Undeliverable As Addressed

Hopefully all of these tips can help you prepare for the changes coming down the line with the USPS.Let us know if you would like SourceLink as a trusted Mailing Services Provider and partner to receive the terrific presorting discounts that come along with Full-service automation processing.