2013 / 2014 USPS Postal Price Increases and what to Expect

Eddie Woods, Postal Liaison, Oct 07, 2013

The price increase that was filed last week by the USPS caused a lot of angst within the USPS, but because of the lack of action on Postal Reform by Congress, they were left with no choice but to file 2 price increases.

The USPS Board of Governors filed a Consumer Price Index (CPI) price increase and an exigent price increase. The CPI ioncrease is typical and expected from the Post office, but the exigent, i.e. emergency, price increase goes above and beyond the typical increases experienced die to inflation. The PRC has 45 days to respond to the CPI Price Increase & 90 days to respond to the Exigent Price Increase – which just happens to be December 25.

Should Congress act on Postal Reform, the BOG would consider pulling back the Exigent Price Increase.

CPI is based on the Consumer Price Index which was 1.69% in September. The Exigent Price Increase is about 4.3% to total 6.0%.

Here is a link to a complete PowerPoint from RIBBS explaining the increases: https://ribbs.usps.gov/mtac/documents/tech_guides/2013/webinararchives/PriceIncreasePresentation.pdf