You don’t have to be a builder to realize that the foundation of a house supports the whole structure---so mistakes in where and how you choose to build can be catastrophic. Today, as data has expanded into BIG Data, marketers are scrambling to build strategies and marketing success on the myriad elements about customers and prospects available in this avalanche of data points. So it’s more important than ever to understand the accuracy, timeliness and relevance of the data available and the numerous and intricate correlations that exist in order to find the bedrock to build upon.

Forrester Research recently released, “The State Of Customer Analytics 2012,” and examined the Drivers and Inhibitors of Customer Analytics Adoption. Per the chart below, the top two inhibitors overwhelmingly cited in their research were:

  1. Managing and integrating data from a variety of sources
  2. Ensuring data quality from a variety of sources

Source: Forrester Research, Inc., August 2012

While it may be tempting to try to leverage the whole “bigness” of it all, let’s sift through the elements and ensure a solid foundation for our insights!