We hear a lot about customer centricity and customer obsession. And the importance of having one consolidated view of your customers. How many businesses that you patronize really understand your needs, wants, likes and dislikes as they relate to their product and service? Are you given the opportunity to provide information that would better inform their picture of you? Are your complaints, accolades, requests heeded? Collection of data--- useful, relevant data is the start. Customer Intelligence can provide the insights that make what we know about customers more actionable. Developing programs that enrich customers' engagement with a company that provides valued products and services can cement the relationship and dimensionally enhance lifetime value.

In the video above, Dave Frankland, our guest presenter from Forrester Research shares why this obsession with the customer, and the customer intelligence you can gain is so important to businesses of all sizes.

Advertising Age’s recent article on British Airways “Know Me” program highlights their efforts to consolidate data from 200 disparate databases in order to enhance customer experience at all touch points from booking, to the terminal to in-flight. This is enabled by onboard iPads with specific information about the passengers on each flight. This is personalization on steroids!