I just Googled “World Class Customer Service” and instantly received over 28,300,000 web results on the topic.   Everyone likes to claim that they have the best Customer Service.  But in reality, poor Customer Service exists, and unfortunately it's more the standard than the exception. What are they doing wrong?  My answer may surprise you.

I've seen many companies where the Customer Service department is simply a group of order-takers and paper-pushers following a script.  In fact, typical customer service agents have little authority and limited decision-making abilities. That’s what they’re doing wrong. And I promise you…their customers are frustrated. I have some pretty unconventional beliefs about Customer Service.  Mainly, I’m convinced Client Services should be the absolute STRONGEST area of your business.  Specifically,

• Customer Service should be the strongest department of your business because they’re closest to your customers.

• Customer Service should have the authority to demand a level of quality that all other departments must meet or exceed.

• Customer Service should be treated by the rest of the company as if they’re actually the client.

Don’t agree? That’s fine.  But I can tell you that our customers love this structure.  

Even with production floors full of large machines that print, fold, and insert thousands of pieces a mail each minute, catering to customer’s needs cannot be a mechanical process.   Instead, create a powerful, authoritative Customer Service department that not only gives your employees empowerment and pride, but also provides the REAL “World Class Customer Service” that your clients deserve.