Every year, marketing leaders and their teams are presented with new challenges in customer acquisition; brand development and loyalty; relationship retention; and organic growth in consumer spend. Many of these challenges come from the increasingly empowered consumers, facilitated largely by technology and new channels. Marketers who continue with the tools and tactics of yesterday are destined to fall behind. Those who embrace the emerging trends are better positioned to be in front of consumers throughout the buying cycle, and at the critical time of purchase decision.

Over the past 8 weeks, I’ve highlighted some of the key trends that continue to redefine consumer engagement. Online tactics like addressable online display advertisingand true two way marketer-consumer dialogue will continue to increase relationships with brands. The rapid and widespread adoption of tablet and mobile devicesempowers consumers with unprecedented access to information from peers in social network connections, leading to a need for more sophisticated attribution measurements as marketers conduct coordinated multichannel marketing campaigns. 

While the channels and access technologies evolve, so do opportunities for increased relevancy through a higher-than-ever degree of personalization using Big Data. Advances in Digital couponsare now utilizing this data for consumer preference, behavior and location feedback to deliver relevant offers with pinpoint precision. 

We’re even facing change in traditional forms of direct marketing like postal mail with the increased adoption of digital mailboxes, a cross between traditional mail formats and convenience with the benefits of electronic efficiency and interaction. However, all leading research demonstrates the ongoing preference and performance of direct mail, especially when integrated with other channels.

Above all, the key challenge for 2013 will be developing an integrated strategy across channels, reaching the right consumers, and delivering relevant content in ways that drive interest, conversion, and return on marketing investment.

I invite you to explore these top 10 trends in the various cross-linked blog posts beginning with #1 – Online Display Advertising Becomes Addressable and ending with #10 - Big Data. As you read, feedback and additional points of view are welcome for each of the posts.

Enjoy, and let's grow in 2013 together.