The other day, I was having dinner with my mother, a sharp-witted woman, and she said one of the more baffling things I had ever heard. She had watched the now famous YouTube video, “Ultimate Dog Tease” (65 million hits and counting as of this writing) and thought that the dog was actually talking. That the dog actually had a grasp on what constituted “the maple kind” of bacon, etc. Granted, this initially came off as embarrassing, but it sparked my thoughts on the effect YouTube has had on our society.


To clarify, I don’t think my mom believes animals can talk, but she obviously showed some sort of fascination with the power of video. In the case of my mother, it seemed that anything is possible with video, and because of this reason, this medium has taken off. For personal use, video offers an immediate outlet and viewing platform. It can be funny, touching, socially relevant or reminiscent. For business, it offers an experience that can draw the customer in and show them first hand what the company offers. In these days of comparative shopping, a video literally can be worth a thousand words.

 So where can companies go in this video revolution? The answer lies with your audience. Certainly a video about a data management system would not appeal to the masses, but consider how much more effective offering a visual component for your system would be to those already seeking such a product. Video puts a face to the organization, offers a bond with a product, and most importantly, demands the viewer’s attention. A quality video will have information and design that will naturally keep the viewer there for the duration of the message. So whether you are looking for “The maple kind” or “The marketing kind,” online video might be the solution to your hunger.

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