As a business, we all know that a social media strategy involves (at least) a presence on FacebookTwitter and LinkedIn. For the most part, the first two are fairly easy to get started on, but LinkedIn is often the enigmatic member of the group. Sure you can build business contacts and read great blogs, but how you truly define your brand and engage potential prospects is the true value of LinkedIn. Here’s how you can go about making the most out of LinkedIn: 

1. Your company’s presence on LinkedIn should be a product of the employees of your company

Part of defining your brand on LinkedIn is to show the individual members of your team. Having a company LinkedIn page with as many of the employees involved as possible lends a face to your brand. Having pictures with your employees is also important. One of the cardinal rules of Twitter is to not be an “egg head” (i.e. not having a picture and using the default egg icon), so the same logic applies to LinkedIn.

2. Make use of the “products and services” tab to the fullest

The products and services tab is the most customizable portion of your company page. You can use the spotlight area to add a banner, upload video in the promotional side tab, and pair product pictures, reviews and customer testimonials along with the description of your offerings. You can even create multiple versions of your “products” page for different markets or demographics. You can highlight a product, garner recommendations, and give an overview of a suite of services.

3. Shop your other social networking platforms through LinkedIn

Your target audience might not find you on Facebook because they don’t frequent Facebook. They might not get “Tweeting” or Google “circles.” That doesn’t mean that they shouldn’t see the content distributed in these networks (if it is appropriate for LinkedIn). I don’t suggest just sending the same message to all of these networks, but you should surely utilize good press or a great blog across numerous social platforms. If you have a particularly strong Facebook presence or Twitter feed, use LinkedIn to help more businesses find you.

4. Take advantage of the Groups feature to start your own company group and to start topical industry discussions

“Groups” is a great tool that is akin to the Facebook groups feature, but the interface for LinkedIn is much nicer and invites discussions and engagement. Whereas starting a closed company group is an important element of allowing an open forum for in-company discussions, having a public group focused on industry topics can help your appearance as an expert in the field. Even though the group will not necessarily be a branded entity, utilizing company resources to take part in this group can influence your brand image. Having an open group will appear in search results and can easily lead people to your website and other social networking platforms. And as you will hear in nearly every social media blog, the core of social media strategy is engagement.

LinkedIn is as effective as you make it. For many businesses, it is the primary social network that makes sense for their company, but without the right implementation strategy, it can easily get lost in the mix. Stop by our LinkedIn company page and feel free to follow us!