Whether you work for the New York Yankees or for Vandelay Industries; whether you are an importer/exporter or sell raincoats, you need a social media strategy. And I’ve got news, a winning social strategy is already outlined for you in the television series Seinfeld! What, you missed that? Let me give you a refresher!

1. Don’t be a low-talker

Get in social media and get your hands dirty! Don’t use the “I don’t tweet/post because I don’t have anything to say” excuse. You don’t have to post twenty times an hour to be an effective part of the social sphere. Don’t be the low-talker that is too quiet to take part in blogging/posting/tweeting, say what’s on your mind, post what you’ve been reading and don’t be afraid to share others’ thoughts/material.

2. Focus on the importing, not on the exporting

Even though George Costanza is often tripped up on whether Art Vandelay is focused more on the importing or exporting, he always comes to the same conclusion: focus on the importing! Any good inbound marketing strategy is based around social media interactions and “importing” people to an end-result, whether that be your companies webpage, Facebook page or a landing page. If you focus on the exporting all of the time, you will be the megaphone solely blasting your agenda, without importing any feedback from the community.

3. “The Jerk Store called, they're running out of you!” 


One of the touchstones of social media is being able to share your opinion, and opinions can get heated on social sites. Don’t engage in argumentative banter, especially while under a company’s moniker. Also, don’t be a “jerk” to newbies to social sites, because at one point we were all there.

4. Yada Yada Yada

This should be engrained in your Twitter and Facebook posting strategy. Leave the reader wanting more. Make them want to click the link to find out what the yada yada is all about. Even though Elaine has a few areas that you cannot “yada yada,” she would approve of dangling the fishhook out there a little bit.

5. Don’t Double Dip!

It is great to post you content to numerous social media sites, but make sure that you are not simply slapping the same exact phrase on all the sites at the same time. Hootsuite is great, but it can cause the Social Media Manager to be lazy! Make the titles engaging, try out different times with different sites, and when you do repost content, switch out the descriptive info of the tweet/post.

6. You can always spare a square


The best way to get followers and to gain influence is by initially doing a lot of sharing of others’ content. If you only are concerned about your own content agenda, others will not be likely to re-post yours. Seek out guest bloggers and offer your services, as well.

Whether you are a Soup Nazi or George Steinbrenner, these tips can be applied to your interactions on social networks. So get in there and start posting, updating and tweeting... "Not that there's anything wrong with that."


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