LinkedIn has made many changes over the last several months, with more to come for individual profile pages and company pages. Here are some tips to help you use the new features of LinkedIn. (Some of this functionality existed before, but may have moved or changed in the past several months)

  • "Endorsements" are like a quicker version of the “Recommendation.” Kind of like a Facebook “Like,” but applied to someone’s career skills. Just go to anyone’s profile page, look for their skills and click beside a certain skill to endorse them. Some people love this feature and some hate it.
  • “People you may know” is no longer bundled with “Add Connections” under “Contacts”. It is now in the top right of the home page.
  • You can merge your Outlook (or other email clients) contacts on the “Add Connections” section (under Contacts). The password it asks for is your email password, not LinkedIn password. You will have to re-merge every time you choose to do this. This is a good way to find out who is on LinkedIn from your email contacts.
  • Did you know you can edit the title of a link you attach? Simply click on “Edit” and it will bring you to a box that will allow you to change the title to whatever you’d like! On a company update, simply click where the title is displayed and edit there.
  • When you start discussions in a LinkedIn Group, you can easily monitor the discussion by hovering over the “notifications” flag on the top of your LinkedIn home page.
  • Want to share to several groups at once? Click “Share” on a company or individual update, and check the “post to groups” box, then start typing the names of groups that you’d like the article posted as a discussion. This is a GREAT way to start discussion and share your content! Just remember to not "Spam" your groups with solicitous content, or to overshare to your groups.
  • Another useful tip is to search for your name or company name in the updates section. There used to be a search box called LinkedIn Signal, but you can access this functionality by choosing "Updates" in the main search drop-down on the top left. This will keep you posted on if your content is being shared and if you or your company is being mentioned on LinkedIn.

LinkedIn is a great way to connect with friends, co-workers, clients and prospects. With all of the new changes, it helps to stay tuned. Feel free to comment below and look out for more helpful tips from this blog in the future!