Hostess recently announced that they were closing their doors after 82 years of producing some of the most recognizable snack cakes in the world. Twinkies, especially, have become an iconic item, both to dessert lovers and cinephiles alike. In pop culture reference, the Twinkie was supposed to survive the apocalypse, but alas it appears that will not be the case.

The Twinkie is seemingly gone! The Twinkie name and cake production rights will be sold (along with numerous other brands under the Hostess umbrella), and consumers will (at least temporarily) be without their favorite snack cake.

So where is the Twinkie lover to turn? To Ebay of course, where you can net a box of Twinkies for a mere $21 million (bottom). This $200,000 box (top) of Twinkies has a bidder (seemingly) willing to pay the grossly exaggerated price. At least you get free shipping…

The reason I bring up this seemingly unrelated bit of minutiae is to point out that one should not react with alarm and make hasty decisions in marketing initiatives. Here are some areas that marketers tend to rush to judgment or to jump on the bandwagon.

Social Media

It seems like a new Social Media site comes out every week. Don’t feel a pressure to get on the ground floor with every new trend as soon as it is released. Let the experts get their feet wet first and read up to see if your efforts are worth it. A company’s presence on social media is often only as advantageous as the presence of their target audience on that network. Getting involved in a network well before your target audience is the tree falling in the forest with nobody there to hear it.

Mobile Marketing

Mobile marketing will undoubtedly continue to be a topic of focus and growth for companies, but how to transition into the world of tablets and smartphones is different for every business. Allocating an entire budget to mobile marketing because of the fire drill to be “Mobile-friendly” will only lead to a misunderstanding of the purpose of mobile- multichannel marketing. As predicted by our Chief Strategy Officer and witnessed by the influx of touch-compatible tablets associated with the release of Windows 8, tablets and smartphones will eventually outpace PCs, but the messaging associated with mobile marketing should continue to spread across channels. Identifying the target audience is the key in deciding how much allocation of your budget should be focused on mobile.

Big Data

The 2012 buzzwords in marketing were undoubtedly “Big Data.” Panicking to understand what Big Data is and how to utilize it will only lead to frustration. Just like waiting on some incarnation of the Twinkie to come back, planning and preparing for use of Big Data is key to harnessing its power. Partnering with a provider that understands what to do to collect and organize seemingly nebulous amounts of data can simplify the process, and eliminate the worry that your company didn’t act quickly enough.

So what do we do in a world without Twinkies? We wait. We don’t panic. We plan. There is always another “Twinkie” waiting around the corner, and rather than ending up with a $200,000 box of pastries, have the necessary plans in place to understand and develop strategies around emerging mediums rather than hitting the panic button.