Since I turned 30, I love to buy power tools. No longer spending money on video games or DVDs, the grown man homeowner in me is drawn to buying more and more cutting, sanding and grinding apparatuses. The other day, I bought a table saw. When I did this, I also bought a rotary tool. There is a reason I am telling you all of this.

Two days after I bought my table saw and rotary tool (feeling manlier by the day), I received an email offer for a FREE rotary tool with purchase. The entire purpose of the email was to tell me that the rotary tool I bought the other day could have been free if I waited. Obviously it didn't say this in those words, but that is how I read it. This isn't the first time that I have been marketed with sale offers from this vendor that try to sell me something I've already bought. Each time, I end up kicking myself for not waiting for the lower (or free) price tag.

So here's the dilemma- when I keep buying power tools from this company, should I purchase when the whimsy hits me, or now do I wait until the items I want are discounted or free with purchase? My buying cycle has now extended much further than it otherwise might have, because through marketing efforts, the opposite effect happened than intended- I feel that the next better deal is right around the corner.

They have my email from my purchases (online and in store) and know what I've bought. I would think smart, data-based marketing would follow, even if it were just to suppress the offers that I recently purchased. And using that data to suppress the portions of the ad offering lower prices than I paid for tools I already owned would be a great way to drive sales. Even better, dynamically adjust the emails based on my purchase behavior to offer similar tools that are on sale and fit the missing elements of my collection. 

This all starts with better database and customer intelligence offerings. So much insight can be gleaned from purchase behavior, and stored for short-term or long-term marketing efforts. That in combination with moving/relocation data, marriage, childbirth, and other lifecycle triggers could make marketing home improvement products an incredibly sophisticated endeavor. It all starts with data.

Use this data, and PLEASE don't offer me a free rotary tool two days after I paid full price for one!