This week, some users have started seeing a new LinkedIn profile, which all users will be navigated to in the coming weeks. Many of the familiar options are now gone or have moved elsewhere. Here are some things that might be helpful to know about the update and where to find your favorite things.


The first thing you might notice is that they have added a hiding option to the top toolbar as you scroll the page. Luckily this reappears as you hover. Adds to a sleeker overall look, I’d say.

You might notice that “Contacts” is gone, as is the “Add Connections” option under Contacts. Fret not, this has simply transformed into “Networks,” with the familiar options of adding connections and Alumni. In the top right, there is a picture of a person with a “plus” symbol, where you can also add connections right away. This process starts with entering an email address where LinkedIn cross-references your email contacts with users on LinkedIn with the same email. Don’t worry about entering your email password here, as it is the only way they can access your email client’s contacts. “Profile Organizer” is also found within the “Connections” page, rather than as a drop-down. 

One feature I immediately miss is the “Companies” tab, where companies I worked for and companies that I manage are listed. 

In handling the social media presence for SourceLink, I often check our company page for our new followers, offer company updates and share our recent blog posts. I will sorely miss this drop down from the old LinkedIn format, and I suspect many others will that are in a similar position.  The company page you manage can now be found under Interests Companies > Your Company Page (box in right-hand column).  Kind of a hassle, but not everyone manages the company LinkedIn page, so I’m biased.

It also appears to me that LinkedIn has backed off the "Endorsements" feature that they were pushing so hard the last six months. When you visit the profile page now, people to endorse are not immediately shown at the top of the screen. Endorsements are still shown further down the page, but it doesn't prompt you to randomly endorse 4 of your connections anymore. You can still endorse people from their profile page.

Groups have also moved under “Interests.” The groups you are a member of are immediately shown, and ones you might like in a side bar. This page looks identical to the original “Groups you are a member of” page, but they’ve eliminated the “Groups you may like” and “Groups directory” options.

The “Jobs” tab now only refers to jobs you may be interested in, and to “post a job,” you have to go to “Premium Solutions,” on the upper right hand portion of the screen. “Premium solutions” also contains the “Talent search” option that was previously under jobs. LinkedIn has also taken the time to highlight “Upgrade,” for users to move to a premium account. All with a button of its own, displayed prominently on the home screen.

New Features

LinkedIn has highlighted the “Influencers” feature, that you regularly may see in your post or featured in LinkedIn Today. Influencers is listed under “Interests,” and hosts articles written by business influencers and celebrities, such as Arianna Huffington, Mark Cuban and Richard Branson. 

LinkedIn has also highlighted Channels, found under the “Influencers” tab. This feature existed before, but was more difficult to find. Under “channels,” you can browse articles about Business Travel, Marketing Strategies, the Economy and many more topics. This feature further cements the notion that LinkedIn is trying to become a one-stop shop for professionals and job seekers, with an ecosystem of content housed within the site.

Overall, this new menu isn’t a huge departure from the “Old” LinkedIn, but it may take a little getting used to. Hopefully this cheat sheet was of help, and please share in the comments box what YOU think of the new LinkedIn layout.