Digital Nirvana published the "2013 Top 10 Trends For the Print Industry" earlier this week, which was authored and presented by Barb Pellow during a recent digital print webinar.  Barb is one of the true thought leaders in our industry around digital print and cross-channel marketing trends.  I found her list to be right on target (as usual) and I'm thrilled to see that the rest of the industry seems to be catching up as well.  

Key takeaways and validation points for me revolve around the acceleration of migration from offset to digital print, which I find inevitable in many of our targeted Direct Marketing efforts. This transformation allows for a much deeper capability around hyper-personalization, trigger-based marketing, and linking traditional Direct Marketing to mobile and social channels, which is an area where all marketers are keenly focused.  This is the age of customer preference and variable digital color is the driver to allow us all to communicate more effectively.