Why won’t my customers just tell me what they want! Actually, they will – if you ask the right questions. The problem in banking is that employees have been so overwhelmed with information that they can’t match up the questions with the answers. Studies show the average bank employee can master six products, which they will offer 90% of the time – even if a customer is not eligible for these products! When the average community bank has up to 100 products to offer, this creates a lot of mismatches.

Can this process be simplified? The answer is yes!...with computing power that allows unlimited capabilities to analyze needs and match them to products in seconds. Companies such as Fifth Third Bank have put together analytics, scientific algorithms and technology to deliver a fast, consistent experience for their customers.

Imagine walking into a branch, answering a few questions on a tablet (with guidance as needed by an employee) and having a customized, accurate and comprehensive solution to satisfy your banking needs. Imagine, too, the feeling of being a new employee who now has the capabilities to make recommendations as complete, accurate and comprehensive as the most skilled sales officer in the bank.

Now imagine you are a CEO at a bank and you have captured what customers want – not what some CRM software thinks they need. Talk about a win-win-win! Customers are satisfied, employees are unburdened and bank management has data gathered from actual customer interaction to manage product development and offer a consistent customer experience.

Oh yes, it is time to sit back and listen!