If you’ve been reading our blogs, I’m sure you’ve noticed there were a few stating the importance of tracking your direct mail campaigns.  However, most of those in my opinion were fear-based considering what’s going on within the USPS these days.  Completely warranted, but not focused on anyone in particular.

This blog is directed at those non-profit mailers that rely on direct mail campaigns to support their organizations. Some of the bullets below will give you that much more incentive to seek out the right mail-tracking solution that fits your needs.

  • Many non-profit mailings are relatively low in quantity and can create a high percentage of residual mail. When you’re drop-shipping less, it’s more difficult to anticipate your in-home dates.
  • For those multi-channel marketers, the email and/or calls need to be timed appropriately.
  • Mail-tracking occurs on the outbound as well as the inbound. You can track donations by person before it hits the lock box and is processed.  This in some cases can take several days.
  • Be notified of any outbound mail or incoming donations that are being held up.  A mail-tracking solution can identify this and alert clients of slow processing and avoid delays

These direct mail campaigns are the lifeline to your business and financial well-being.  If you conduct e-mail campaigns, you certainly track how many were opened…forwarded…returned, etc.  Tracking your direct mail campaigns should be no different.