Campaign Development

Test, execute and measure your campaigns

Every successful campaign starts with identifying a business goal. It makes the process of organizing your data and delivering the right message easier. Who do you want to target and how do you want them to respond?

We map the journey of your customers and use that map to guide strategies to reach them, paying close attention to the channels in which they spend most of their time. Couple that with compelling creative and you have a formula for a great personalized marketing campaign.

It’s just as important to measure the effectiveness of your acquisition strategies to plan for upcoming programs. SourceLink’s campaign reporting tool, Insight, allows you to drill down and see what worked, who it worked for and why it worked.

From a single dashboard you can access aggregate data on multiple campaigns to gain an understanding of how, where and when marketing programs most effectively resonated with potential customers. You can even test creative approaches to see which delivers a higher response rate.

Let us find your ideal customers, inspire them to choose you and the measure their response.

We have a team of vertical experts that will be by your side that can present the findings and give you the data to back up your decisions. You do not need to make the journey alone. Let’s talk.

A glimpse inside Insight:


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