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communicating with customersToday’s customers and prospects want to be communicated with on their terms. They want their experience to be seamless, whether they encounter you online, in email, by phone or through the mail.

Just because they chose you once, doesn’t mean they’re yours forever. Customers can be finicky if you don’t offer what they want.

While retaining customers, members, donors or other constituents is different for every business, there are a few communication fundamentals that pave the road for success.

  • Make it easy
  • Make it accessible
  • Make it relevant

We work through obstacles.

We help companies deepen relationships with their customers by making life easy and information more meaningful. We do this by leveraging your existing data (or adding to it) to uncover new customer growth opportunities. Then we develop content and creative that speaks directly to your customers—in the channels they prefer.

But, that’s a lot to coordinate if you have:

  • Privacy and data breach concerns
  • Insufficient technology to communicate in multiple channels
  • Missing email addresses and mobile numbers
  • Little to no control of on-demand letters
  • Insufficient budget for major software investments
  • Legacy systems with siloed data
  • Disparate communication technologies
  • Too much reliance on internal IT

Customer Engagement Platform

Now there’s a solution—our single Customer Engagement Platform (CEP) lets you reach out to your customers with ease and relevance.

SourceLink CEP: 

  • Increase operational efficiency and reduce costs
  • Communicate via phone, tablet, email, interactive-PDF, print or SMS
  • Deliver statements, customer communications, notices, alerts, on-demand letters and marketing messages from a single tool
  • Increase cross-sell response rates through more targeted content
  • Create more self-sufficient customers through our customer portal and interactive statements, ultimately reducing call volume
  • Rapid response to changing regulations (Compliance)
  • Rules-based trigger campaigns (electronic and print) to personalize the customer journey
  • Improve customer satisfaction through channel preference and reduce costs by increasing e-adoption
  • Put data insights and power in the hands of marketers and reduce reliance on IT
  • Quick, customizable dashboard reporting and business intelligence

Interested in learning more about our Customer Engagement Platform?

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