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Successful marketing depends on insight gained from data. If your database is lacking the information to propel your company forward, we can help. At the core of SourceLink’s client-focused business model is our appreciation for what makes our clients unique – what are the nuances of their business, their organization, their KPIs – and what we can do to leverage their data.

Database marketing is all about getting to know how your customers tick and triggering the right offers at the right times based on longitudinal data. Take for example, Tractor Supply Company, one of our larger retail clients:

Client Case Study: Tractor Supply Company

Mission: Collect, organize and expand data from loyalty relationships for multi-channel communications.

Method: Develop a next generation marketing database capable of managing high volumes of consumer data and providing a single view of their customers.


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By understanding our business objectives and marketing strategies, our collaborative relationship with SourceLink helps us to gain valuable customer insights, which allows us to better communicate with and strengthen our relationship with our customers.

— John Wendler, Senior VP of Marketing, Tractor Supply Company

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