Email Marketing

Why Email Marketing works

With 91% of online customers checking their email at least once a day, marketers know that email is one of the fastest, most economical ways to reach customers and prospects in a targeted way.

Use email to:

Prospect new business
Use targeted or matched approaches to build solid prospect lists.

Increase loyalty
Keep customers loyal and coming back with cross-sell offers.

Stay compliant
Follow CANSPAM regulation and secure opt-ins.

The great news is we have the experts and experience to help you maximize your return on investment through email automation (our team is Salesforce Marketing Cloud certified) and marketing campaign development. From list building and segmenting, to creating powerful messages and offers, we know what it takes to deliver the right message, at the right time, in the right place.

“Email marketing is 40 times more effective at acquiring new customers than Facebook or Twitter combined.”

— McKinsey & Company

Click with your audience

Relevancy is key to ensuring high open rates and promoting the desired action you want from your recipients. Like direct mail, email marketing requires thought behind your target audience and message in order to be most effective.

You need to make sure you break through the clutter of inboxes and give your audience something worth clicking.

  • Build your list – Whether you have a list or need help acquiring one, we can help. Using our database of 260 million national consumers, we can append emails addresses to existing lists or create a new lists modeled after your mail file.
  • Segment your audience – When you use data points to build audience profiles, you can connect with your audience in a more direct and personal way. We use profiling strategies to ensure you select just the right records.
  • Create a relevant offer – The best emails offer something compelling to recipients – a trial, a discount or simply relevant information. Fulfill the offer on a creative landing page and you have truly engaged your audience.

Land on the right message

From subject lines to graphics and your landing page, your emails must entice recipients and move them to action.

  • Develop email creative – We can work with your agency or leverage our creative team to create a compelling message and visuals. We extend that look-and-feel to the landing page so that fulfillment of your offer – whether it’s a coupon, discount or simply more information – provides a seamless experience.
  • Testing – The most effective emails pass two critical tests: deliverability and effectiveness. Clean, standardized data ensures deliverability. We also apply litmus tests to optimize subject lines to avoid spam filters. Using A/B testing we can also determine which campaigns generate the highest responses.

Automate the process

Armed with a compelling message, an enticing offer and just the right list, you’re ready to deploy your campaigns.

  • Execute – Leverage your platform or our team can help with executing your campaign. Our certified Salesforce Marketing Cloud Email Specialists know how to leverage one of the most robust marketing tools in the industry to smoothly deploy campaigns.
  • Report – Analyze your campaign results by reviewing our real-time reporting that allows you to see open, click and bounce rates, along with monitor your unsubscribes – all at a campaign level.
  • Optimize – Leverage the insights to refine and improve your campaigns over time. We can also help you align your email with direct mail campaigns to provide a true omni-channel experience.

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