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Whether looking to acquire new customers or provide them with statements or compliance documents, communicating effectively will foster loyalty and win you more business.

Customer Acquisition

Differentiating yourself is critical
With more consumers shopping online for nearly everything, including their financial institution, what makes you different is key. The reasons customers will choose you can be as individual as the customer themselves.

It’s about how and what you communicate
Sending the right offer to the right person at the right time makes all the difference.
As the premier provider for checking acquisition programs, we know how to leverage data to best position offers in the market and increase market share.

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Customer Nurturing & Retention

Ensure your customers have what they need, when they need it
From account statements to compliance notices, you have a lot of critical information to communicate to your customers.

Managing routine information is one thing but ensuring you deliver what they need, when they need it, with the right cross-sell offers adds yet another layer of communication complexity.  We design hyper-targeted offers that provide your customers exactly what they need.

Rely on the experts
Managing millions of financial documents every year under one umbrella is our expertise.  Let us help you build trusted relationships with your customers.

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Our programs are the best in the business. Just take a look at the examples below:

Client Case Study: Central Bancompany

Mission: Central Bancompany needed to effectively acquire new consumer and small business customers and build market share.

Method: Identify market opportunities near locations and identify offers unique in their footprint.

Did it work?

“Our Bank has continued to be a Forbes’ Best in Class performer because of the strategies SourceLink has put in place.”

— John Hofmeister, Senior Vice President, Marketing, Central Bancompany

Client Case Study: A mid-size regional bank

Mission: Improve customer communications offering more channels, reducing print and mail costs and increasing cross-sell offers and speed to market.

Method: Leveraged our proprietary Customer Engagement Platform to allow customers to choose delivery methods, redesigned statements for clearer calls-to-action and included advanced analytic & hyper targeting capabilities for promotional offers and cross-sell services.

Did it work?

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