Manage and Track Mail with MultiTrac

Do you know where your mail is?

If you can’t say, “yes” with full confidence, you’re missing out on important informed visibility into the mailstream.

Knowing exactly where your mail is and when it hits homes helps you make smarter business decisions.

  • Delayed statements/invoices mean delayed payment. If you know that customers received invoices late, you can better anticipate incoming payments and eliminate unnecessary customer service calls – and the associated expenses.

  • Planning for the unexpected. Some delays can’t be helped; however, if you can anticipate mail delays due to weather or other events, you may have time to reroute mail, extend deadlines or make other communication decisions.

  • Reducing returned mail. Without an automated way to ensure address data is current, you risk wasting money on returned mail—money that could have been spent more wisely on other customer and prospect communications.

  • Timing multiple marketing touchpoints. If you are a large-volume mailer, knowing when customers received your mailings—whether for a sale, store opening or other important announcement—allows you to time other marketing touchpoints.

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Business phone
Business phone
SourceLink’s MultiTrac is the most user friendly and just as important, fastest, reporting system of the many I have used and tried. Their reports cover the range of macro to individual scan history with the click of the mouse.
— Don, Director of Logistics