Several members of SourceLink’s healthcare team will be at the event, including Directors of Business Development Craig Blake and Rick Berman, and Vice President of Healthcare Strategy, Merry Beth Ward. If you are interested in hearing about the SourceLink approach and how we can help you acquire, nurture, and retain customers, please contact us at

Presenter: Merry Beth Ward
CASE STUDY: Utilize Predictive Analytics to Direct Market Segmentation and Efficiently Allocate Resources
March 5, 2018 - 4:15pm

Most companies share at least one global commonality: a finite number of marketing resources. It’s imperative to accurately target viable customers to prevent wasted time and emptied wallets trying to engage consumers who can’t be – or don’t want to be – reached. Complete the learning circle by building a plan of attack to ensure the most efficient and effective workflows to limit spending and increase profits so your health plan and network can do more good.

  • Make the most of your sales and marketing dollars by identifying leads who are most likely to convert to a sale
  • Determine optimal communication times and channels using lead response management for tangible metrics to increase member acquisition
  • Analyze the impact of predictive analytics on marketing objectives and discuss how to set realistic goals to evaluate progress and course correct throughout a campaign
  • Assess next-best-action marketing tactics and learn how to creatively work numbers backwards to hit goals