(Chicago, IL) - SourceLink, a premier marketing services provider of results-driven marketing solutions, announced today that it was named the third largest print supplier for the U.S. Government Printing Office (GPO) during the Federal Fiscal Year 2010.

More than 1,700 print suppliers obtained GPO work during Fiscal year 2010. The value of all GPO work awarded to them during this period was $358 million. Work done by the top 50 suppliers was valued at $223 million.

"SourceLink is very pleased to be recognized as the third largest provider by the GPO during Fiscal Year 2010," said Chris Behrens, President and CEO, at SourceLink. "Our experience combined with our commitment to quality and service to meet and exceed GPO requirements and expectations has enabled SourceLink to successfully work with the GPO. We look forward to our continued and growing relationship with the GPO."

SourceLink offers a breadth of transactional document outsourcing services, including statement redesign, sheet and roll printing, variable marketing messaging, selective insertions, e-presentment, e-pay services and complete PDF file archiving with secure, encrypted electronic transmission for clients in government and the financial services, retail and utilities industries. SourceLink processes 20 to 40 million statements per month.

To learn more about SourceLink's statement processing capabilities, please visit the Transactional Document Outsourcing section of the SourceLink web site at www.sourcelink.com.