SourceLink, a premier multi-channel marketing services provider of results-driven solutions, announces several enhancements to its innovative mail tracking solution.

MultiTrac® significantly reduces campaign expenses while enhancing overall program efficiency with advanced web-based tracking, measurement and reporting tools for every piece of outbound and inbound mail. This proprietary solution helps clients make fact-based marketing decisions, synchronize multichannel campaigns based on actual in-home dates, and accurately predict response rates and timing. The tool is also invaluable for managing response staffing while saving significant dollars on postal and logistics costs.

To improve ease of use, desktop functionality, analytics, measurement and coordination with the USPS, SourceLink made several client-focused enhancements to MultiTrac®:

Addition of ACS® (Address Change Services) to IMb® (Intelligent Mail Barcode). Address change information can be received electronically to reduce or remove UAA (Undeliverable-as-Addressed) pieces, lowering campaign costs and eliminating waste from undeliverable mail.
Utilization of CAPS (Centralized Account Processing System).Allows customers to efficiently reconcile postage account transactions with the USPS, saving the time and effort of managing their postage funds on a campaign by campaign basis.
Robust integration with client's custom software applications.This facilitates seamless processing of information between MultiTrac™ and client systems for internal use.
Upgraded Web-based Desktop Application. Clients can create unique tracking IMb's® on their own, reducing the overall processing time.
The ability to scan returned mail and flag UAA customers. This enables MultiTrac® to provide an output file to easily reconcile client databases.
Enhanced email module. Timed emails can be automatically sent to any mail recipient based on mail tracking information and delivery.
Quality Control module. The IMb® can be scanned to verify customer information in the proofing process, reducing errors downstream in the production process.

"The ability to receive mail-tracking information in real-time allows marketers complete oversight of their campaigns throughout the entire mailing process," said Dan Browne, MultiTrac® Product Manager. "This helps ensure customers have the proper response mechanisms – such as staffed call centers, stocked retail outlets – and helps franchise locations plan for increased traffic at precisely the right time and respond quickly and efficiently. Tighter controls over timing help contribute significantly to marketing and cost optimization, which are more critical now than ever."

All told, MultiTrac® tools deliver best-in-class accuracy in predicting in-home mail delivery dates. As a result, customers can identify and improve underperforming records, coordinate multichannel marketing campaigns, track remittance pieces, balance logistics costs and postage discounts for cost-effective delivery all while demonstrating 100% delivery efforts for compliance mailings . The use of MultiTrac® affords marketers real-time reporting and access to reports that track mail pieces within the system – to accurately predict in-home dates and facilitate a more efficient response-management program.