SourceLink, a top 15 U.S. direct marketing services provider, announced today that it has purchased the Océ ColorStream 3500 system. The ColorStream system is a high-speed, fully variable, continuous color inkjet press that provides some of the most advanced digital printing capabilities available in the world. This new platform will enable SourceLink to support sophisticated variable direct marketing campaigns as well as provide full color, targeted marketing opportunities to their transactional billing clients. This acquisition further cements SourceLink’s position as an industry leader in data-centric marketing solutions as well as comprehensive billing and transaction services for the country’s most sophisticated marketers.

"Virtually all direct mail today is carefully targeted, and savvy marketers continue to look for additional unique personalization techniques," said Pat O'Brien, SourceLink's Chief Marketing Officer. "We continue to see marketers take personalization even further into trigger-based mailings and beyond, including multichannel messaging where the print message is supported by additional communications via alternative channels. Furthermore, companies continue to look for ways to have more meaningful conversations with their existing customers through personalized statements, account updates, and other forms of customer communications. The Océ ColorStream fully supports SourceLink’s multichannel marketing and transpromotional environment helping to drive significant growth and return on marketing investment for our clients."

"Transactional documents continue to be a trusted consumer touch point allowing companies to leverage their customers' trust combined with relevant consumer behaviors which result in very targeted and meaningful conversations." said Don McKenzie, SourceLink President & CEO. "This is a unique opportunity to continue to build upon SourceLink's position as one of the select few providers of both world class database services and statement processing capabilities."

The Océ JetStream system sets the standard for ultra-high-speed, full-color inkjet printing, distinguished by outstanding color output and total flexibility, as well as its raw speed. With unprecedented versatility, high-quality color and ease of use, the Océ ColorStream system will help SourceLink achieve 100% variable messaging in quality color, transpromotional and cross-sell offers, complex micro-segmented campaigns, and provide a terrific platform for variable testing, all within the same workflow. Extending the SourceLink and Océ commitment to environmental sustainability to the very high-volume color inkjet market, the Océ ColorStream delivers a smaller footprint and economical use of ink with less waste.

About SourceLink

SourceLink creates results-driven communication solutions. Combining strengths in marketing analytics, data intelligence, technology and production expertise, SourceLink crafts and executes data-driven direct marketing and transactional document outsourcing solutions. SourceLink's analytic and communication solutions improve marketing ROI through greater relevance and increased response. On the production side, SourceLink solutions reduce costs through more efficient operations and postal optimization. Headquartered in Chicago, SourceLink operates in five U.S. locations. For more information, visit