(Chicago, IL) March 07, 2012 – SourceLink, a top 5 largest privately held CRM/Direct Marketing Agency and top 3 GPO Supplier, announces today the release of TAG, an innovative product that links a printed piece to the online world by harnessing the power of social media sharing.

TAG is a powerful marketing tool that is directly integrated with social networking platforms, and uses the viral nature of online interactions to gather consumer feedback, increase response rates and drive sales seamlessly. The integration of traditional direct marketing with social media has proven to drastically improve campaign performance - ultimately driving more purchasing activity at a lower cost per sale. TAG uses online microsites to provide an individualized product offer, which the consumer is then incentivized to share across social platforms. The sharing process allows exponentially greater exposure, with each potential customer reaching out to a wider base of connections online. TAG also gathers valuable data through the use of demographic questionnaires and a polling process. This process allows a vendor to market smarter by identifying key influencers to seek out for further promotions.

“TAG is an exciting new offering in our multichannel suite of services, because it offers a means to integrate digital, print, transactional and social channels,” says Chief Marketing Officer, Pat O’Brien. “Many companies are unsure how to properly leverage social networking sites as part of their marketing plans, and this product provides a measurable solution for businesses looking to capitalize on emerging trends.”

“We are thrilled to offer our customers the opportunity to truly harness social media and the sharing aspects associated with it,” adds Brent Tartar, Vice President of Sales. “By combining traditional marketing channels with emerging social media platforms, TAG maximizes marketing reach and opens up avenues to interact with new customers and inform them about relevant and timely product offerings.”