Chicago, IL March 25, 2014 - SourceLink, an industry-leading multichannel marketing services firm and statement solutions provider, announced today the launch of a multi-provider package tracking system, as part of the MultiTrac® mail tracking suite.

Alongside the US Postal Service’s technology enhancements to Intelligent Mail Package Barcoding (IMPb), SourceLink has developed enhancements to the MultiTrac® mail-tracking solution to include package tracking across numerous parcel providers – such as the US Postal Service, UPS, FedEx, DHL and more. The parcel tracking addition to the existing mail-tracking offers a view of when and where parcels enter the delivery stream and provides on-time performance updates so mailers and customers are aware of real-time status and changes to original delivery dates or times.

MultiTrac® offers an all-in-one “document to door” dashboard, providing information on letters, mailings and packages from multiple carriers. This new package tracking component of MultiTrac® also improves customer satisfaction levels with optional proactive email notifications if weather or other delivery delays impact processing.

“SourceLink provides data visibility from a package service perspective on processing and delivery performance,” said Mike Buttita, Director of Postal Affairs for Segerdahl 360°. “We use SourceLink’s solutions to provide our customers with an unbiased view of how we executed and managed the logistics portion of their project. We see MultiTrac® as a tool for more than just tracking packages, we use it to enhance our entire logistics management process.”

MultiTrac® significantly reduces campaign expenses while enhancing overall program efficiency - with advanced web-based tracking alongside measurement and reporting tools for every piece of outbound mail, inbound mail, and now packages. These package-tracking enhancements provide a direct, real-time relationship between the customer and the delivery provider to meet or manage delivery expectations.