Chicago, IL, May 20, 2014 - On May 6, SourceLink, an industry-leadingmultichannel marketing services firm and statement solutions provider, achieved Standard Full-Service Certification from the US Postal Service – one of only 20 mailers nationwide to achieve this accreditation. This endorsement signifies SourceLink’s strict compliance to a series of standards and verifications laid out by the USPS, and allows SourceLink to access unique promotions and discounts for its clients.

The US Postal Service introduced the Full-Service program as an incentive to mailers to streamline their processes and prepare for automation and presorting discounts, thus leading to mail moving nimbly through the mail stream. In order to attain and uphold the certification, mailers must meet or exceed predetermined thresholds set by the post office, while minimizing errors related to barcode automation, postal optimization, and mail.dat file uniqueness.

The benefits of Full-Service Certification include exclusive postal discounts per piece, elimination of annual permit fees, access to eInduction & eDocumentation processes, and faster processing through “the “Seamless Acceptance” and “Mail Anywhere” programs. Additionally, Full Service mailers are offered inclusion in USPS promotions – such as Emerging Technology, Mail & Digital Personalization, and the Premium Advertising Promotions. The Intelligent Mail Barcoding that comes with Full Service Mailings provides access to tracking, Address Correction Services and more integrated mailing data integrated with each piece.

"We are pleased to have achieved the Standard Full Service Certification, and will continue to enjoy passing these savings on to our customers,” said Don Landrum, Chief Executive Officer for SourceLink. “By exceeding these Postal standards, we are demonstrating a commitment to the efficient, expeditious printing and processing of our customers’ mail.”

In July of 2014, the USPS will start charging mailers if they fall short in elements of the Full Service requirements, so the timing of the accreditation is advantageous for SourceLink and their clientele.