Chicago, IL June 11, 2014 - SourceLink, an industry-leading multichannel marketing services firm and statement solutions provider, was featured among industry leaders in Direct Marketing News’ 2014 Annual Agency Business Report, “Today’s Marketing Agency Must be a Driving Force.”

Direct Marketing News chose executives from industry-leading agencies across the nation for this year’s Agency Business Report, where marketing thought leaders discussed the evolving role of a marketing agency alongside the shifting tides in customers’ changeable behavior. Included in that selection was Cindy Randazzo, SourceLink’s Vice President and Chief Strategy Officer. The core question of the feature was “What's the biggest change in the role of the marketing agency today, and what should client-side marketers expect as a result?”

Randazzo, who leads the development of enterprise solutions, discussed the increasing client appetite for smarter marketing . Themes discussed are: customer intelligence, the customer journey, marketing ecosystems, omnichannel marketing and the importance of synergy between marketing and IT departments.

 “Inclusion in Direct Marketing News’ Annual Agency Report is an honor, and I was thrilled to offer my thoughts on intelligence-driven marketing,” said Cindy Randazzo, SourceLink’s Chief Strategy Officer. “Our clients are seeking ways to realize omnichannel nirvana through the intelligent coordination of traditional and emerging media channels and we are evolving our strategies in helping them succeed.”

In the article, Randazzo concluded that: “The agency role in some cases has expanded from designing and maintaining data warehouses to developing comprehensive marketing ecosystems that enable a single version of the truth composed of traditional and Big Data.” Randazzo’s comments, along with the other 14 panelists interviewed, can be read in full in the June print edition of Direct Marketing News or on the website.