Chicago, IL June 17, 2014 - SourceLink, an industry-leading multichannel marketing services firm and statement solutions provider, announced today the addition of cross-promotional messaging to accompany delivery notifications, as part of theMultiTrac® mail tracking suite.

SourceLink recently expanded the MultiTrac® mail-tracking solution to include package tracking across numerous parcel providers, and the addition of proactive email communications in relation to package deliveries. As an added enhancement in the company’s commitment to a multichannel marketing approach, SourceLink has added another important upgrade to the email notification features  – cross-channel messaging related to the package being delivered.

Since customers are eager to know when their packages are being delivered, email delivery notifications were a logical next step to enhance the parcel tracking features of MultiTrac®. With this in mind, SourceLink has added functionality to allow marketing messaging to accompany the delivery notifications, thus crafting laser-focused banner advertising that appeals directly to the recipient. Once the package is delivered, the suite offers up messaging related to additional product offerings that the recipient might enjoy based on their purchase history or the item delivered.

“Delivery notifications and status updates are statistically opened and read at a very high proportion, in comparison with other email offerings,” said Rich Cicha, SourceLink’s Vice President, Software Solutions. “Offering other product messaging within the delivery email makes the most sense for our customers and for the companies utilizing the package tracking suite.”

“When our clients place orders online, they are relying on us to process and deliver in a timely manner.  Having actual delivery data aggregated in one location is invaluable to us and our clients,” shared John Kennedy, President and 'Top Dog' at Three Dog Logistics.  “The ability to offer multi-channel marketing solutions and offers inside the delivery confirmation emails is just another way for our clients to communicate with theirs - genius!”

MultiTrac® significantly reduces campaign expenses while enhancing overall program efficiency - with advanced web-based tracking alongside measurement and reporting tools for every piece of outbound mail, inbound mail and packages. This combined with cross-promotional email messaging turns package delivery into a truly multichannel experience.