Chicago, IL July 9, 2014 - SourceLink, an industry-leading multichannel marketing services firm and statement solutions provider, announces today enhancements to its secure PDF archival solution – providing a new customized solution for financiers and lenders to maintain compliance at branch level from day one.

Consumer finance lenders and banks are experiencing legislative pressure to maintain audit compliance, with regulators focusing on the verification of adequate disclosures and contracts between the lender and the end consumer. SourceLink has developed a customized solution to archive loan documents and account statements in a central repository, providing more direct access to statement archives to the lenders.

SourceLink has been providing these solutions to utility providers, banks and credit companies since 2005, integrated either with existing client API or with end-user sites that can be skinned to fit the platform. The newly developed “Lender’s interface” provides easy, direct access to every closed loan, integrated throughout the organization. Paired with document print, the PDF solution also delivers an incredibly affordable option for financial institutions, government entities, healthcare providers and utility companies – allowing firms to build a storehouse of past statements and maintain audit compliance.

 “We are pleased to offer this new interface to our lending clients with immediate document access and archival on the most secure platform imaginable,” said Keith Chadwell, Chief Operating Officer for SourceLink’s Carolina location. “Whether accessed through a web portal, an email message, or SMS/text notifications, SourceLink’s secure archival solution allows our clients unparalleled security and a variety of presentment choices.”

SourceLink currently archives over 50 million electronic statements yearly, with a growing number of clients asking to add this service to their critical communications needs. The solution also provides redundancy through dual sites, an administrator customer service interface and a searchable platform to pull up any loan record or data element in an instant. 

About SourceLink
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