(Chicago, IL) July 29, 2014 – SourceLink, an industry-leading multichannel marketing services firm and statement solutions provider, announced today a partnership with Fairrington Transportation, who will now integrate SourceLink’s proprietary mail tracking tool for all client mailings through their existing VisiMAIL platform.

SourceLink has positioned themselves as leaders in developing a customer-centric mail and package tracking software that also boasts two mobile apps, for the tracking of letter and flat mail. Fairrington partners with SourceLink at an advantageous time, as they will be the benefactor of additional enhancements to the MultiTrac® platform in 2014 - including email package status notifications and cross-promotional marketing.

Fairrington will provide their customers a powerful marketing solution that allows complete visibility into their inbound and outbound mail delivery performance using the MultiTrac® solution as the backend to their dashboard. Fairrington anticipates that the software will help their clients more effectively manage call center staffing, inbound cash receipts, campaign performance and predictive response modeling by providing a direct, real-time relationship between each client and the USPS® to quickly resolve any potential delivery issues.

“The advanced reporting and the ability to track first class mail, as well as standard mail, were features that made SourceLink’s software appealing to enhance the VisiMAIL experience for our clients,” said Greg Rocque, Fairrington’s President. “SourceLink’s solutions combined with our tracking functionality offer our customer base unique and discreet transparency into their entire delivery chain.” 

“Fairrington Transportation has built a world-class and rapidly growing integrated offering, and we are proud to have our software solutions as part of their forward-thinking service offering,” adds Jim Wisnionski, SourceLink’s Chief Information Officer and President, Marketing Solutions Group.

About SourceLink
SourceLink, a top-five ranked Direct Marketing agency, creates results-driven communication solutions. Combining strengths in marketing analytics, data intelligence, technology and production expertise, SourceLink crafts and executes data-driven direct marketing and document outsourcing solutions. SourceLink’s analytic and communication solutions improve marketing ROI through greater relevance and increased response. On the production side, SourceLink solutions reduce costs through more efficient operations and postal optimization. SourceLink operates in four U.S. locations. For more information, visit http://www.sourcelink.com.

About Fairrington
Founded in 1981, Fairrington is the largest, full-service, printer-independent mailing logistics provider in the US. The company was built on visionary entrepreneurial leadership, values of integrity and excellence, and a commitment to develop and equip its people to provide extraordinary service. That DNA guides Fairrington to this day, driving their team of seasoned professionals to continually improve and innovate industry-leading solutions.