Chicago, IL August 28, 2014 - SourceLink, an industry-leading multichannel marketing services firm and statement solutions provider, announces today the expansion of its “Insight” and “Advanced Insight” campaign analysis solution – providing a packaged analytical dashboard for financiers and lenders to measure and report marketing ROI across campaigns, acquisition strategies and over time. The comparative insights gauge the success of past and present marketing efforts, thus leading to stronger performance of future efforts. “Insight” is structured to monitor responses and conversions across direct mail, email, landing page and mobile data sources – amassing them into an all-inclusive reporting dashboard.

Consumer finance lenders often have a wide swathe of acquisition strategies, of which measuring the effectiveness of tactic and cadence is paramount to planning for upcoming programs. SourceLink has developed a solution to not only report and organize disparate data sources, but also to contribute to the overall health of a company’s loan portfolio by realizing the optimal balance of marketing approaches. From a marketing effectiveness stance, the “Insight” product provides evidence of marketing effectiveness, offers a snapshot of the loan portfolio, and delivers aggregate data for multiple campaign results.

By parsing factors like write-offs and length of delinquency alongside timely payments, “Insight” helps build a historical repository of what an ideal customer looks like, and opens a conversation to how to reach new borrowers that fit the mold of an ideal customer. In addition to reporting and organizing campaign results, the “Insight” solution drills down to which incentives worked best, monitoring key performance indicators while managing multiple types of campaigns. The advanced version of “Insight” also offers self-service reporting with drill down capabilities and custom calculations all the way to loan level reporting.

"We are pleased to announce these enhancements to our campaign reporting tool as a way for clients to have a comprehensive view of their marketed loan portfolio," said Jim Wisnionski, SourceLink's Chief Information Officer and President of the Marketing Solutions Group. "The opportunity for a lender to know: 'how are my live checks performing vs the invitation to apply and any prescreening programs?' is invaluable and leads to a significant competitive advantage."

The “Insight” product also serves as a stepping-stone into a full-blown marketing database, with capabilities for a holistic customer view regarding lifetime ROI. The ability to further refine true acquisition costs and balance over time leads to smarter marketing from a corporate and branch level. SourceLink looks to further expand this solution to service retail banks, healthcare insurers, retailers and energy distributors in the coming months.