SourceLink Releases Customer Acquisition Whitepaper in Conjunction With the American Financial Services Association (AFSA)

SourceLink, an industry-leading multichannel marketing services firm and statement solutions provider, has released a whitepaper entitled “Six Considerations for Improving Marketing Effectiveness for Consumer Lenders” as part of the American Financial Services Association’s (AFSA) Premier Business Partner network.

In conjunction with the AFSA, SourceLink’s consumer finance experts penned a comprehensive whitepaper of the strategies that consumer lenders can employ to expand their business footprint and stay ahead of regulatory compliance issues. With increasing regulatory pressures and governmental scrutiny, consumer finance lenders need to consistently adjust their marketing approach and best practices. Additionally, emerging technologies present new challenges and also new opportunities for lenders to harness - from online lending to enhanced personalization and targeting techniques.

Topics discussed are predictive modeling, list development approaches, customer journey “roadmapping,” multichannel measurement and attribution, testing methodologies and online/social media strategies. These procedures, in addition to proactive document archival, reporting architecture and marketing database integration, reduce regulatory scrutiny while increasing measurable marketing ROI for lenders.

“Our longstanding relationship with the AFSA allowed us the opportunity to share our strategies in this collaborative whitepaper,” shared Greg Hamby, SourceLink’s Director of Business Development and AFSA Advisory Board Member. “We have seen tidal shifts in governmental regulations and marketing strategy for consumer lenders in the past five years, and wanted to share our thought leadership with the AFSA members and others.”

SourceLink has been a marketing partner with the AFSA for 20 years, and has worked intimately with some of the largest finance lenders in the country for the past 25 years. The strategies discussed in the whitepaper are emerging strategies that lenders are beginning to employ in addition to the tried-and-true lending strategies that SourceLink’s clients have been successful with for years. AFSA members can download the whitepaper here, or visit the SourceLink site to read the full report.