(Chicago, IL) April 30, 2015 – SourceLink, an industry-leading multichannel marketing services firm and statement solutions provider, has released a whitepaper entitled "Beyond Big Data—Six Steps to Mapping the Retail Banking Customer Journey" to offer thought leadership around the major elements of what Forrester Research calls “Customer Life-Cycle Marketing.” 

SourceLink’s Chief Strategy Officer, Cindy Randazzo, worked alongside retail banking veteran, and Senior Director of Business Development, Tom Roth, to pen this comprehensive whitepaper of six clear strategies banks can employ to increase customer loyalty in an age greatly impacted by technology. Emerging technologies present new challenges and also new opportunities for banks to harness - from online banking to mobile and social interactions with current and potential customers.

Topics discussed are Big Data and sentiment analysis, the modern customer that might never set foot in a branch, customer journey “roadmapping,” and multichannel measurement and attribution. The paper covers how to gain an enhanced understanding of where the customer is on the journey from awareness to becoming a loyal customer, and identifying steps of a “roadmap,” where customers might start at different legs of the journey.

“This exploration of the customer journey is more pertinent than ever in developing a deeper understanding of each individual, and the steps a bank can take to make the bank relationship more meaningful and personalized,” shared Cindy Randazzo, SourceLink’s Chief Strategy Officer.  “We have seen tidal shifts in governmental regulations and technology for banks in the past five years, and wanted to share our thought leadership in how to develop discrete steps that bank professionals can take to identify key customer touch points and action steps to provide a better banking experience.”  

SourceLink has worked alongside retail banks for over 25 years, and works with 4 of the top 10 leading banks in the United States to open up millions of accounts using comprehensive, multichannel acquisition solutions, data-based lending programs, depository balance kickstarters and customer retention strategies. The strategies discussed in the whitepaper are emerging strategies that banks should be using to map the customer journey and uncover missed opportunities to improve the customer experience. Please download the whitepaper here, or visit the SourceLink site to learn more about the services SourceLink offers retail banks.