SourceLink, an industry-leading multichannel direct marketing firm, announces the results of client acquisition efforts in the Medicare Advantage space with the release of a comprehensive case study. The study focuses on enrollment during the Annual Election Period (AEP) across 15 different SourceLink Medicare Advantage marketing clients.

The clients in the case study used a measurable multichannel approach to maximize ROI and minimize cost per lead and enrollment. Central to this approach is the use of predictive modeling to identify the potential eligible prospects most likely to respond to direct marketing efforts and eventually enroll in the provider’s plan.

SourceLink developed a localized approach to identify the prospects most likely to respond all the way down to the county level. In the extremely short AEP marketing window of under 70 days, Medicare marketers are increasingly pressured to do more with less, and to resonate with and convert prospects quickly.

"In a year where the election dominated media channels, cutting through the clutter was more difficult than ever, we were extremely encouraged by our clients’ results,” shares Merry Beth Ward, SourceLink’s Vice President of Healthcare Strategy. “As former Marketing Director for a major Medicare plan, I’ve witnessed the importance of customer intelligence for improving lead results from both sides of the strategy table.”

Metrics covered in the case study are average cost-per-lead and per-enrollment, as well as overall response and conversion rates. The study is available for download at

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