SourceLink was chosen as one of ten charter companies to test and implement the US Postal Service Informed Visibility initiative

(Chicago, IL) August 21, 2017 – SourceLink, an industry-leading multichannel marketing services firm and statement solutions provider, was selected to be part of a limited pilot program to test and implement the US Postal Service’s Informed Visibility (IV) initiative, a USPS program that allows full visibility into mail movement throughout delivery. SourceLink is one of 10 firms who have been testing the program for several months and providing feedback to the USPS in advance of their launch of the Informed Visibility initiative.

Participating in this pilot test group has positioned SourceLink to be fully integrated upon the official launch of the Informed Visibility program and to implement the solution alongside their mail tracking suite, MultiTrac®. Through GPS tracking tied to mail delivery trucks, mailers can know exactly when mail is en route to delivery, and can more accurately time other coordinated communications. SourceLink is participating in the IV pilot group to monitor data transfer and make sure delivery information is accurate and timely. Additionally, SourceLink is monitoring the IV data for bugs, delays in delivery scans, and scan duplications.

This test program combines Intelligent Mail Barcoding data with PostalOne data to consolidate the flow of activity into the singular Informed Visibility platform. Alongside MultiTrac, the additional visibility provided by IV will not only enhance tray and pallet scan data, but also provide piece-level detail closer to the point of delivery. Informed Visibility will provide new logical and assumed handling events based on nesting associations resulting in more bundle pieces being captured by handling events for more insight throughout delivery.

“Our team is excited to be part of the inaugural group to test the Informed Visibility initiative,” says Jim Wisnionski, SourceLink’s EVP of Customer Intelligence and Chief Information Officer. “Our involvement in this pilot program has prepared the initiative for launch, and will allow our team to integrate IV events within our MultiTrac mail tracking solution to better serve our clients.”  

About SourceLink
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