Member Journey Mapping

Seniors' Questions and Your Action Plan to Address Them

Understanding a member's journey to choosing your plan and staying with your plan starts with understanding and asking the questions your membership is asking, and crafting a map of their journey with your plan. 

"Why should I sign up for a Medicare Advantage plan?"

What are the advantages offered with a Medicare Advantage plan, and why do I need it? How is it different than a Medicare Supplement plan and traditional Medicare? SourceLink can help you to be clear, concise, and timely in your communications with these prospective MA members. Early “Age-In” communications should focus on the education process, leveraging our proprietary national consumer database and proven creative concepts across online and offline channels.

"When should I sign up for a Medicare Advantage plan?"

While prospects become eligible as they approach age 65, we know not everyone is ready to sign-up 90 days prior to their 65th birthday. In fact, not everyone will be ready to sign-up as they turn 66, 67, etc. This does not mean that they are not thinking about it, but you need to make it easy to begin a conversation and attempt to get self-reported planned retirement dates.

A good plan is to segment current members in group and individual plans vs. those who are pure prospects and cater your messaging to each one accordingly. Create a sense of urgency through offline and online marketing communications and drive prospects to landing pages, call centers, and business replies to capture self-reported information, like a phone number or email address. Responders can be further segmented to better optimize future communications for the Age-In communication cycle or periodically through nurturing if a later retirement is anticipated.

Who should I sign up with and what plan should I enroll in?

When you engage with SourceLink, we work with you to identify your competitive landscape in Medicare Insurance, so that you can best leverage what makes your plan unique. Your value proposition can then be used to differentiate your plan from the competition to potential members that are new to Medicare. We will help you to best utilize your marketing dollars to members post age 64, so that you are initiating your rolling "New-to-Medicare" campaign at the right time and with the optimal number of different communications.